Scouting Services’s Founder and Director of College Scouting, Bryan Perez, provides the following scouting services on a client-by-client basis:

Prospect Scouting Reports

Bryan Perez will create an individual and confidential scouting report for players eligible for the upcoming NFL Draft as well as for players considering leaving school early.  Bryan’s report will consist of a detailed breakdown of the player’s strengths and weaknesses in a position specific format.  A final grade will be issued in accordance with the grading scale.  FRG’s goal is to provide the player with an informed and educated opinion regarding their Draft projection.  In the event the player does not grade out as an NFL prospect, Bryan will evaluate which professional league is the player’s best fit moving forward.

Any player interested in a Draft Prospect Scouting Report will be required to provide Bryan with film from a minimum of 4 games, maximum of 6.  There will be a fee assessed for the Draft Prospect Scouting Report.   Bryan will sign a confidentiality agreement with the player, and the report will not be shared with anyone unless consent is provided by the player.

Bryan will not work directly with agents, as he is already under an exclusive agreement with an NFLPA contract advisor.

All-Star Game Selection Committee

Bryan Perez is available to assist All-Star Game Selection Committees in evaluating talent eligible for game participation.  Research and analysis of the player’s career, film, and NFL Draft projection will be provided to the committee on a player by player basis.

Radio/Podcast Appearances and Freelance Writing

Bryan Perez is available to appear on your radio show or podcast to provide NFL Draft analysis.  Bryan’s experience in meeting with NFL scouts and front office executives has provided him with an educated understanding of the Draft process and the factors involved in a team’s decision-making process.  Bryan can provide content for your Draft publication in either an exclusive or shared format.

If you are interested in any of the above services, please fill out the form below.

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